About This Program

A Little about our project before we begin

This project is the sister project of our main website which is http://GrXReview.wordpress.com
At the beginning our review website was one of the most informative sites with many great features
like video tutorials, step by step instructions on how to use every piece of software that we reviewed
and to this day was the only website of its kind that had program authors interacting with their customers/users.

Sadly that project is now on hiatus due to software company’s just not bothering anymore to keep in touch with all its users which then turned our project from a great interactive site into nothing more than a boring static web page gathering dust. So we decided to fork the project into something a little more interactive so we come up with the idea of the team viewer clone.

About Quicker Support and why we created it!

Quicker Support is basically a FREEWARE clone of the worlds most popular remote desktop software called team-viewer. So if team viewer already exists why would we need to use something else?

Team-viewer claims to be totally free for personal use, but for anyone using it to connect to more than 3-4 PC’s within a month you will be familiar with this Warning Message Below.

As you can see from the message above from now on the program will close now every 5 minuets which now makes this application totally useless if you need to continue to connect to people to help give them remote support help. What happens if your half way through helping granny in USA to fix her virus infected PC and all of a sudden the program decides oh you have used more than 20 hours this month?, or you have used me on more than 3 PC’s it must be commercial use then completely shuts you out? your totally boned!

Team-viewer CANNOT be used commercially for FREE

That’s another reason we decided to create a FREEWARE clone, because the creators have limited the crippled free version! So anyone who tries to use this program¬† commercially or in any kind of business has to buy a license from them and their license prices only cost a mere $3.095 Dollars!!!!

(Talk about Extortion you could buy a car for that cost!) If you don’t believe me check out the following price guide on their website. http://www.teamviewer.com/en/licensing/index.aspx

QuickerSupport is 100% Free for Personal & Business use!

QS is different from team-viewer because our software isn’t controlled it is not restricted it is not disabled it will not end on you even if you stay connected 24/7. You can connect as many times to as many servers as you wish local or global. The only difference is at the moment until we get further into the development you can only connect IP to IP. In the near future we will be removing that limitation and implementing the ID to ID feature found in team-viewer. UPDATE!! Meeting Software now supports ID to ID not IP to IP!! so things are moving along at blazing fast speed!

That really is the only difference, our software will still offer remote PC support, File sharing, File Transferring, Desktop Sharing, Meetings, Java Connections, Smart Phone Support, and will still connect to a partner even if they are behind firewalls, routers, NAT’s..Yep that is right you did see JAVA support! it wasn’t a typo. Quicker Support will also connect to a remote PC using JAVA in any web browser (internet explorer, Firefox, chrome, etc.) might be a little slow at the moment due to the program only just coming out of beta, but we will be improving this as we go.

We have just found out (by complete Accident) that for some strange reason, you can actually connect to QuickerSupport using a FREE Android application called AndroidVNC which you can download freely on the Android Market. (Now re-named Google Play Store), if you’re wondering what this means? well if you own a android smart phone, and can use google play, you can now actually control a desktop PC directly for FREE from your very own Smart Phone, Again we don’t know just how good this will work for serious people who rely on Desktop Support, but it’s a great FREE UN-documented feature that you can use for maybe just logging into a PC to retrieve a file, or presentation file, or just to shut down your PC at home if you rushed out and forgot all about it!, the possibilities are endless!.

“Android Viewer application for smart phones will also connect to QuickerSupport!
Which means you can FREELY remote Control a PC from your Android Smart Phone!”

Please be aware though this project will have many bugs until it becomes what they call “Golden” or “Stable” so until then we will be using either beta tags or v0.xx until we actually hit v1.0 you will have to consider this software not ready for real business environments, as we cannot (yet) guarantee you won’t have any issues.¬† But at least you’re not paying 3 and a half grand for the same software that does basically the same thing!

Please feel free to take a good look around the website and remember there is many sections to visit if you fancy really getting your teeth into the project! Thanks for taking an interest in this project, please don’t forget to tell all your friends about this software!