Require Admin Account


IF you’re at this page then you have just tried to run QS and found this message above.

Quicker Support has to have administrator privileges to actually work, this is because of how Microsoft has created Vista/Windows 7 /8. If your running under a normal every day user account then no programs you run can have access to your system registry or windows file systems, now 99% of the time this is a great security feature to have, but because QS needs access to change and add strings to your registry system, well QS cannot function properly if it doesn’t have access to parts of your system that is off-limits normally. Now please remember! this is how Microsoft designed your new Windows OS, so this has nothing to do with us, and this is totally out of our control and cannot be changed even if we wanted it to.

So why do we need access to these areas?

QS has a per-written, per-defined script that automatically modifies and changes your computers windows firewall, the router config pages, and stores connection, sockets, uN-PMP, port mapping details on each persons machine that is running QS, Without these settings being merged into your system registry our program cannot setup the host to deny/allow/transmit data packets correctly which will make the program totally useless.

So QS will flood my system with useless crap then?

lol nope, soon as the program closes every change will be removed, the application takes a full snapshot of the system registry files before changes are made, then when the program exists or is closed the image file is restored, QS will even remove all temp files, folders, un-used DLL’s, OCX, your system will be back in the state it was before running the program.

So what to do now?

You have two simple options to follow to get the program working again.

Click Start > now choose Log Off Current User, when prompted Log back on as Administrator.
Click Start > now choose Switch User, when prompted switch to Log back on as Administrator.

That’s it! now just re-run the program again!, Once again we are sorry about this inconvenience and we are working on a way to get around it, by using system.ini files instead of registry files, once we swap to ini files there will be no need for us to use the user’s system registry, which is better for them, and certainly better for us.