Customize QS

Tools Needed to Build your Own GUI

All you’re going to need is a program to edit the two default BASE jpg files, (there are a wide choice of completely free or open source tools out there for this job), personally we would go with GIMP, although it sounds like something from some weird early 1980’s sex bondage video tape! It does the same job as the overly priced Adobe Photoshop! and with regular updates the program can in fact outshine Photoshop with a lot more features built-in! Once you have downloaded and installed Gimp, copy and paste the image below into the program, anything else can be modified or replaced!

(Either Right Click Save As) OR Click the images then Right Click Save As
(OR just click the image copy, and directly paste into gimp/adobe Photoshop)

Design your own top logo’s for both Remote/Meeting, then re-save them as
remote.bmp” / “meeting.bmp” and submit them to us!, that’s it! as simple as that!

REMOTE Control


How to Send your Images to us!

Once you’ve created your 2 template images you need to upload them to us below.
Put the 2 templates files into a .zipfile with the free software from

Once you have created your .zip file RE-NAME the .zip file to “”
(This way we can now easily identify which files have been submitted to us)

Once you’re ready click Select File, Once the file is selected click Upload File
Once the file has been uploaded to our server we will contact you!

Remember to RE-NAME the .zip file to “”
(IF you don’t leave your email address we won’t have a clue who to contact!)

Want us to do all the work for you?

We can totally create your own customized version if you wish, we would either design your company logo/image, or use your existing logo, that you already have permission to use.

We would charge just $10.00 for this, The money wouldn’t be any financial gain, it would be a donation as the small amount of money we make of this application will go towards our server costs.

If you can’t afford the $10.00 not a problem, just create your own with any image editing software,
If you’re using gimp from the link above this will not cost you a single penny!