IMPORTANT!!! Please read before downloading!

All our Applications we have to offer require you to be running them using an Administrator Account. If you are not running them as admin they will not run!. For more information about this please read this page

 This version allows you to receive remote control support from a partner, as well as the ability to give remote support! if that’s not enough for you how about a fully feature rich meeting platform? where you can invite participants to join you sessions using ID tags (NOT IP ADDRESSES!) QS provides you an easy solution to connect to any user who is behind a windows firewall, NAT Router, Basically this tool will blast through any blocks you might normally encounter when dealing with Remote Support Software. So if you’re looking to Receive/Give Remote Help and support to friends, family, co-workers, all UN-restricted totally 100% free of charge then download this!

(*All versions EXCEPT Quick Support Module will pop-up a small application showing you exactly what your Internet IP Address is!, From here you can copy the IP Address to the windows clipboard, or use the programs built-in features to email your partner your Internet IP Address of your desktop PC/Laptop/Network etc.. We have included this so you don’t have to go searching some website online to find your true Wan IP Address! so it’s basically just there for simplicity*)

This version has similar features to our full version, the main differences are you can only HOST servers for people to connect to you! You cannot connect to them (i.e give them remote support), also with this version you now have the option to allow anyone using Any variation of VNC viewer to connect directly to you! (Also as a plus you can connect to this HOST software using any Android Smart Phone VNC Viewer Application!) in other words, you can run the host on your own PC and then when your out and about you can connect to your home PC using your Android Smart Phone! How cool is that!!! Also if you run Linux you can connect to this HOST using whine it’s been tested and works well.

How this module works, you give auntie Kathie who lives in Australia this version, you then run HOST yourself, you give auntie Kathie your IP Address she enters it into Partners IP and hits connect, you then will start an automatically reverse connection and you will then be connected to her PC, no Firewall issues, no Router Problems, No Anti-Virus Problems, no messy passwords to enter, it’s a simple fast clean way to connect to a friend to help them fix their PC.

IF you wanted someone to help fix your own PC you would then run THIS version, and the person fixing your computer would then run HOST version, sounds backwards but this is how we remove the obstacles of firewalls, routers, NAT problems, anti-viruses, and pesky passwords,

That’s it! 3 great versions to suite everyone’s needs 🙂 if your going to be using the software for either hosting servers, meetings, joining servers, sessions, meetings, giving support, then your going to be better of going with our full version, if you’re wanting to just host a server or a meeting but have no intention of giving support, then the Host version will suit your needs, and finally if grandma is having massive PC problems, and doesn’t understand what a router, firewall, anti-virus or port forwarding is, then QuickSupport is perfect for you, as all they need to do is copy and paste an IP Address into a box and hit connect! and you will be reverse connected to them in no time!

Hope you enjoy using our software, remember it’s 100% free to use no restrictions,
No limitations for business corporate use or personal use, Enjoy!