Below are all the questions we think users will want to know. At a later date more will be added if needed it all depends on how many times a user has submitted the same questions.

Q: Is there any instructions how to use this?
A: YES, open and read “Readme.txt” it explains everything

Q: If i am giving support why do i still have to fill in my own IP Address/Details?
A: For security reasons, we make sure the IP giving the support, is the same IP that is connecting to you/them. This has fully been explained in the read me.txt file included in qs.zip/content.zip.

Q: Is this program open source?
A: no it’s freeware but not open source.

Q: is this really free? as in FREE not just a con?
A: QS is FREE no limits, no restrictions, no crippleware, no nag screens about buying pro versions etc.

Q: how can you make this FREE when Team-viewer costs 3 grand!! to buy?
A: Simple all our tools come from open source and other people’s work. They made it free so why shouldn’t we.

Q: Will this program end after 5 min?
A: the program will only end if the connection is lost or you/host closes the application down.

Q: When will we see the “Commercial use detected box like on team viewer?
A: Never, it’s free for personal and all business company use.

Q: Do you Accept donations to keep the project fresh and alive?
A: Yes we would greatly appreciate any donations of any value big or small.

Q: how big will the last GOLD stable version be?
A: no bigger than 9mb now the beta runs at 6.11mb in size.

Q: Why do i need to run as an administrator and not a normal user on my windows machine?
A: Admin is needed as the program has to get access to firewall settings, and the registry system.

Q: Can the program work without me using my administrator user account?
A: No the application will check start-up if it cannot access files it needs it will close down.

Q: Will you be charging for a professional version in the future?
A: doubt it, and if we did it would only be a donation setup not an actual license price.

Q: What newer features are you going to include?
A: depends on what suggestions our users come up with.

Q: help! when i run the program i get a properties box popup!
A: click close on it, it won’t appear again or shouldn’t do (small bug)

Q: help! i get a window prompt telling me a socket error
A: look in your system tray right-click green eye close re-open QS

Q: help! i shut the application down but it says cannot find some exe file
A: Don’t worry close the error message it just means it was deleted to quickly.

Q: help! there is a blue tray icon in my system tray what do i do?
A: right-click on it and close, swap to administrator account re-run QS

Q: help! it won’t connect or i get a failed on connection or time out msg
A: remove avast, Norton or any other anti-virus malware program.

Q: help! when i click on partners IP or enter my own ip i get a error!?
A: This is a bug of winvnc it cannot launch 2 servers on the same PC
but don’t worry about this, just close the app down re-open it again!

Q: help! i entered the wrong IP now when i enter the right IP it does nothing?
A: this is a bug of winvnc, until they fix it just close the app down – re-open it
this time make sure you enter the right IP first, if you want to connect to multiple
IP addresses of other people, you need to close the app for each session, this bug
will be fixed as soon as winvnc is fixed, this is totally out of our control sorry.

Q: When i click things, either side on QS full version winvnc pops a dialog up?
A: don’t click both sides, 1 side is for you, the other is for your partner connecting
it won’t do any damage or crash, just two servers cannot be running on 1 PC that’s all.

Q: When the application launches i get an error called comdlg32.ocx or something?
A: google the “.ocx” file name copy that file to your windowssystem32 folder.
This is an issue with a certain missing microsoft update DLL file, not our application.

Q: When i click on Host Meeting and close dialog the whole application freezes
A: Slight Window.Handle() problem, doesn’t happen with everyone but will be fixed.

Q: help! my Firewall allow access has popped up what do i do?
A: it’s fine if this happens not a problem just click allow in future.

Q: Do you store any passwords/ip addresses on your servers?
A: nope it’s directly IP to IP at the moment, in future it will be ID to ID.

Q: whats ID to ID mean? whats IP to IP?
A: ip/ip = person to person | id/id = connect to our server then to person.

Q: can i use a service that gives me a static domain name?
A: yes we suggest you look into no-ip.org it’s totally free to use!

Q: what if my ip address changes all the time?
A: sign up to no-ip.org they will connect your ip to a domain name.

Q: it’s not connecting to my partner is there something wrong?
A: your partner clicked deny when / if his alert firewall popped up.

Q: there is a weird problem happening but i can’t explain it
A: contact us and we will explain how to video capture the issue.

Q: meetings are not working for me at the moment.
A: could be the third-party site we are using is down.

Q: i run get my ip but i get a comtcl ocx error or something
A: Any errors like that please contact us and we will update and fix.

Q: can i test the application on myself?
A: yes loop back is enabled at your IP or

Q: The meeting software your using is NOT FREE!
A: Mikogo is not free software or freeware, it does come with a price

Q: How can you use someone Else’s software as your own?
A: we do not claim to be the owners, it clearly says “Powered by” on the meeting page.

Q: Do you have permition to use their software freely.
A: technically no, we have contacted them about helping to advertise their software though.

Q: if it’s paid subscription for everyone else how can you use it for your users freely i don’t get it.
A: It’s complicated, just use it until the time comes we have to move to something else instead.

Q: Why steal other people’s software, why not make your own?
A: Whats the point in re-inventing the wheel, and totally free advertising for software we have used.