Security Put in Place as of v1.0 Stable/Gold release.

A Token is created on both sides the person giving the Support, AND now the person receiving the Support, this token cannot be modified because it simply cannot be found it’s created in a special
virtual memory block that cannot be tampered with.

Which in laymen terms  means someone connecting to your PC to give you remote support, has to be the person you want connecting to you as it checks the virtual token for their WAN IP Address.

Their Local IP Address, and their PC ID Code, if the application on the first hand shake does not find a matching token, then the remote connection will be terminated instantly before they can get access to your desktop. Our software is now completely safe from being tampered with

And being used maliciously because of the extra steps the Supporter/Receiver has to take before a connection will take place.

How to use this program.
Giving Support to someone.

  • 1.) fill in your OWN WAN IP/Local IP Address and generate the password.
  • 2.) make a last check both IP Addresses are visible in the software.
  • 3.) Give your partner you want to help your WAN IP Address and password.

How to use this program.
Receiving Support from someone.

  • 1.) fill in your OWN WAN IP/Local IP Address and generate the password.
  • 2.) make a last check both IP Addresses are visible in the software.
  • 3.) Enter your Partners IP Address and password into the field provided.
  • 4,) Hit Connect and wait, soon your partner will be controlling your desktop.

IF YOU BOTH DO NOT FILL IN YOUR OWN WAN/LOCAL IP Address a security token will not be created. So if you try to connect to each other it will just fail as our software will not find the tokens, and see this as a malicious attack, IF you or your partner failed to fill in the fields as it’s required and they clicked on connect, and it failed you both need to close the application down and re-open it and do it correctly this time..

We are sorry we need to do this, but people was taking our program putting it on torrents and file sharing sites. Users was downloading the application clicking run, which instantly connected to someone who wanted to cause harm and destruction WE needed to put a stop to this security flaw ASAP.


Decided to drop and remove ALL the change logs and updates from earlier beta’s, it was pointless to release the revision notes on software that you couldn’t even use when, so we decided from today forwards the only revision notes to be releasing about updates/builds etc will be after v1.0 Stable (everything after 1.0.x.x you can find on this page)

v1.0 Stable (Change-log)

We have now completed v1.0 which will be made available to the public on Oct 1st 2012,
below is the full application change log, for those people who are curious how the back-end works.

– Remote Control, Meeting, sections have been completed tested and working!
– Remote Control, Meeting, Tested on Win7 and via Android Smart Phone.
– Remote Control, tested on WinXPSP2/Linux running whine all working fine!

In v1.1 bottom right of the applications Computers & Contacts will be added
but for now this has been left out of the stable build (pre-testing took too long)

All Images, objects, labeled, and locked from being altered by any viruses/malware now.
Few adjustment tweaks, moving images, object boxes, making them perfectly lined up.
Finally Resource Hacked away the properties, information so windows doesn’t see the app
as a Trojan, virus, since the application is not technically signed but encrypted.

  • – On Preload Application checks if the user is admin or not
  • – On Preload Application will exist if the user is not admin
  • – On Preload Application will continue if the user is admin
  • – On Preload Application copies comdlg.ocx to users system folder
  • – On Preload Application then registers the OCX file so ipaddress.exe works!
  • – On Preload Application extracts   to QS (*New Files ADDED inside*)
  • – On Preload Application then installs all registry files
  • – On Preload Application will disable UAC in vista/7/8
  • – On Preload Application will Add VNC viewer/host to users firewall ALLOW List
  • – On Preload Application will Disable Windows Firewall on the user’s computer
  • – On Preload Application then sets viewer to -listen mode.
  • – On Prleload Application will open IP.exe so the user can see his/her IP Address
  • – On Preload will halt the script until user copies their IP to the clipboard!
  • – On Preload will then continue to run the script, jump to On Show and then run!

On Show does nothing only loads page.jump to “Remote Control” as this is now the
new page1. (Totally re-wrote the application to work a lot more efficiently)

– ON Show sets all the program Fields variables that the user enters into the app.

“Exit Button”

  • Application deletes the Registry files merged on pre-loaded.
  • Applicaton restores users UAC Account back to normal.
  • Application restores windows firewalls and re-enables it.
  • Application leaves viewer/host in the users allow access list/white list
  • Application Runs the 3 files to kill the process (mihost.exe/miviewer.exe)
  • Application Attempts to Delete Files and Folders
  • Application Runs Update.exe to run rd /q /s :\QS to drop remaining file/folder.

“Meeting Page”

– Application task-kills/closes winvnc then launches popup-dialog to run the meeting software


Application shows an instruction page, in a dialog pop-up window.
Application runs the mihost.exe meeting software when the user closes the instructions.

Fully Working as of v1.0 Stable.

A System to check if the user is using the program with admin privileges or not, and if not the application will halt warning them give them instructions and close. If the system finds the user is running the application on the admin account the program will then halt, pop-up the IP.exe program and allow the user to copy his/her ip address to the clipboard, or email the ip address via the program to their partner. the program will then resume running the script only when the user has copied his/her ip address and clicked the red X on the program, program will then continue on.

All NEW registry entries get merged into the users registry, All Bat Files run correctly no pop-up windows, or user input, Windows Firewall can be disabled, and can now automatically allow vnc access, Windows UAC control can be turned off and disabled while the application runs. Windows firewall gets re-enabled when the program closes down, Windows UAC controls gets re-set to what they was before they was edited. All vnc settings for the windows firewall are now stored in firewalls future allow list. All Dialog Boxes store the users imputed data and sets the text. All Get.Input commands stores the users data then sets the field text All text input fields sets the text from the users imputed data All On Focus fields all pop-up the get.input dialog and stores the data in the variable. All external application links, link to the authors website pages etc.

All URL external Application Links launch full screen but with internet explorer. Password left side soon as clicked shows the default set text password, User clicks meeting, winvnc server is stopped task killed, so it doesn’t conflict, user clicks host meeting, dialog-box with instructions what to do pops up, when user closes this dialog box down, it will then automatically run mihost.exe which is the meeting software, when user closes that down, and clicks back on remote control soon as user enters ip address either in left, right field winvnc is then re-started. When user clicks back on meeting to join meeting, a pop-up box asking for the hosts ID will be displayed, user enters this, it stores it, then user files in their name the program stores it, so when the user clicks on join meeting it then runs miviewer and allows them to join into the meeting.

And that’s it! Phew!! as you can see there is so much that has gone into the back-end code for this application!, well now you know exactly how v1.0 stable works, who knows v1.1 we might actually re-work the coding to work completely different  which makes it easier for us to edit and expand on certain aspects of code blocks, well this won’t affect the end-user in any way just makes the application perform better.